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Whale Shark Tour

Get ready to plunge into an unforgettable adventure off the Australian coast, immersing yourself in the blue water of Coral Bay. This is the land of the largest fish in the ocean, the whale shark, and an array of amazing creatures that call the famous Ningaloo Reef home.
Table of Contents

A Morning Tea and Briefing

Your day begins with a warm welcome and a delicious morning tea from the knowledgeable tour guides of our top-notch service providers, Ningaloo Blue and Ningaloo Discovery. They will prepare you for the marine wildlife encounter you’re about to have, explaining what to expect and how to enjoy the adventure safely.

Starting the Morning Snorkel

Now it’s time for the morning snorkel. You’ll dip into the warm, crystal-clear waters of Coral Bay, a beautiful reef location known for its excellent corals and variety of marine species.

Discovering the Famous Waters of Ningaloo Reef

A snorkel spot like no other, the Ningaloo Reef – one of the world’s most extensive fringing reefs – teems with numerous fish species, mystical creatures, and vibrant coral reefs that provide a colourful backdrop to your adventure.

Encountering Marine Species and Amazing Corals

Be prepared to be awestruck by the beauty of the reef sharks, the diversity of the fish species, and the stunning corals that embody a riot of colours. Every moment in these famous waters is a lifetime experience.

The Whale Shark Experience

As the whale shark season peaks, you prepare for the most awaited part of the tourthe whale shark experience. With the help of a spotter plane, your tour guides locate these majestic creatures in their natural habitat.

There’s nothing quite like swimming alongside these beautiful creatures, each with its unique pattern of white spots. Their sheer size is awe-inspiring, yet they are as gentle as they are significant.
Your safety is paramount. Your guides, well-versed with the natural habits of these creatures, equip you with snorkel equipment and brief you on how to swim with these gentle giants without disturbing them.

An Afternoon Snorkelling

After a break for lunch on the charter boats, you dive back into the water for an afternoon snorkelling session. This reef snorkel session allows you to explore more of the Coral Coast and its inhabitants.
This session is about exploring the natural wonders of Coral Bay and Ningaloo Reef even more. You never know; you might have a surprise encounter with more marine species!
Whether it’s a turtle lazing on the sea bed or a school of colourful fish swimming past, the afternoon snorkelling session will surely add enchanting experiences to your marine adventure.

A Lifetime Experience with a Professional Photographer

There’s a professional photographer on board to ensure you take home more than just memories. They’re here to capture those heart-stopping moments when you swim alongside the largest fish on the planet.

Capturing the Beautiful Moments

The photographer uses their skills to document your encounters with these beautiful creatures. You’ll have stunning photos that freeze your fantastic adventure in Coral Bay.

Ending the Day

Back on the boat, the fantastic crew serves a well-earned dinner. It’s a time to share stories, laugh over the day’s adventures in life underwater, and reminisce about the fantastic creatures you’ve met.


Embarking on a whale shark tour in Coral Bay is not just another tourist activity – it’s a profound, life-changing encounter. The majestic creatures, the fantastic crew, the famed waters, and the chance to explore one of the world’s most spectacular coral reefs make this a trip you’ll remember for a lifetime.


Despite being the largest fish, whale sharks are incredibly gentle and pose no threat to snorkelers.
Ningaloo Reef is home to an array of marine life, including turtles, manta rays, and hundreds of species of colourful fish.
Tour operators cater to all levels of swimming proficiency and will ensure you are safe and comfortable at all times.
The best time is during the whale shark season, from March to July.
Yes, you can, but there’s also a professional photographer on board to capture these magical moments.
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