Trips Melbourne

Great Ocean Road Tour

Discover the beauty of the Great Ocean Road on this immersive tour. Marvel at the Twelve Apostles, explore charming coastal towns, and create lasting memories.

Yarra Valley Wine Tour

Indulge in a day of wine-tasting in the picturesque Yarra Valley. Join our guided tours and experience the best wineries and vineyards in the region.
135 AUD

Philip Island Tours

Discover the hidden gems of Philip Island with our curated tours. Immerse yourself in the island's rich culture, visit iconic landmarks, and enjoy the best of what it has to offer.
$125 AUD​

Mornington Winery Tours

Discover the hidden gems of Mornington Peninsula on our winery tours. Taste exquisite wines, explore picturesque vineyards, and create unforgettable memories.
175 AUD

1 Day Grampians National Park Tour

Immerse yourself in the natural wonders of Grampians National Park with our guided tour. Explore ancient rock formations, picturesque valleys, and vibrant flora and fauna.
125 AUD

Navigating Melbourne's Core Charms

Melbourne’s heart pulses with a litany of attractions, a handful of which bewitch visitors with their irresistible allure.
The Royal Botanic Gardens, a verdant sanctuary amidst the urban din, extend an invitation to delve into the splendour of the region’s flora.
The illustrious Melbourne Cricket Ground, a shrine for cricket devotees, offers a window into Australia’s athletic heritage.
At the National Gallery of Victoria, art lovers are ensnared by an encyclopedic repository of artistic masterpieces spanning times and terrains.

Beyond Melbourne's Boundaries: A Symphony of Tours

The enchantment of Melbourne seeps beyond her borders, beckoning adventurers to partake in a carousel of tours.

The Great Ocean Road tour whisks you on a heart-stopping coastal jaunt, climaxing at the formidable Twelve Apostles. Encounter nature’s wild menagerie, revel in the panoramic vistas, and absorb the raw power of the Southern Ocean.

A haven for fauna fanatics, the Phillip Island Tour unveils the whimsical Penguin Parade and offers intimate interactions with a mosaic of wildlife species.

A journey through the Grampians National Park unfolds as a canvas of stunning natural vistas and invigorating trekking opportunities. Hike through variegated ecosystems, witness ancient Aboriginal rock art and perhaps spot native creatures.

A Confluence of Wine and Wellness: Melbourne's Signature Tours

A communion of viticulture and wellness permeates the essence of Melbourne, translating into unmissable touristic experiences.

Venture into a realm of exquisite wines with Yarra Valley Wine Tours, where viniculture morphs into a compelling exploration of renowned wineries.

Peninsula Hot Springs Tour offers a wellness odyssey, immersing visitors in thermal mineral pools that whisper promises of relaxation and rejuvenation.

A foray into the Mornington Peninsula’s wine tapestry unfolds alongside an array of local gastronomic wonders against the breathtaking backdrop of vine-strewn landscapes.

Navigating Melbourne's Untrodden Paths

For the more intrepid, Melbourne unfolds a series of unique expeditions.
An Otway Forest Tour lures you into a rare rainforest tryst. Walk amidst the verdant canopy, marvel at the ancients below, and inhale the crisp, eucalyptus-infused air.

Bellarine Peninsula Winery Tours blend palate-pleasing local produce, choice wines, and spellbinding coastal vistas into an unforgettable experience.

In winter’s grip, Melbourne transforms into a gateway for snowbound journeys to the Victorian Alps, thrilling both novice and seasoned snow sports enthusiasts.

Tailoring Your Melbourne Adventure

Crafting the ideal Melbourne adventure necessitates careful consideration of several vital factors.

Melbourne’s allure spans the year but reaches its zenith during Spring (September to November) and Autumn (March to May) when the climate is at its most agreeable.
Exploring Melbourne and its fringes is effortless, thanks to an efficient public transport system. The iconic trams add a charming twist to your urban exploration.
Whether you’re a luxury aficionado or a budget-conscious backpacker, Melbourne’s accommodation options cater to every preference and pocket.

Handy Hints for Melbourne's Intrepid Visitors

A rewarding Melbourne sojourn hinges on meticulous preparation, from itinerary planning and packing for Melbourne’s temperamental weather to understanding local etiquette and prioritizing safety.

Bidding Adieu to Melbourne

A Melbourne adventure is a dance of vibrant culture, scenic splendours, epicurean pleasures, and enthralling tours, its memory indelibly imprinted on your soul long after the journey concludes. Melbourne is a magician of experiences, an enchantress promising a spectacle for every traveller.


Autumn (March to May) is the ideal period to indulge in a wine tour in Melbourne. This is when you can witness the vineyards bursting with the harvest and revel in the fall colours.

Absolutely! Winter in Melbourne (June to August) opens a portal to snow-laden adventures in the Victorian Alps, a paradise for snow sports enthusiasts.
With an efficient and extensive public transportation network and several attractions within a short stroll in the city centre, navigating Melbourne is a breeze. The city is also bicycle-friendly.
Pre-booking tours, particularly during peak tourist seasons, ensures you secure your desired experiences without any hiccups.
Undoubtedly! Melbourne offers a plethora of family-friendly outdoor activities, ranging from Phillip Island’s penguin parade to the Otway Forest’s treetop walks and city parks.
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