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Lip tattooing is a prevalent cosmetic procedure. It is used by many women who want to make their image brighter, sexier and more attractive. For lip tattooing, you should choose the perfect colours very carefully.
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Colour palette

The attractive colour palette ideal for aesthetic lip tattooing is quite rich. Women can opt for cool, coral, nude and many other spectacular shades. Let’s examine what colours belong to the famous and trendy lip tattoo palette.

Cool pinks

Prevalent today are cool pink shades. On the lips, they look beautiful and aesthetic. Most often favoured cool pink tones in cases where the goal is visually adding more volume to the lips. Through such palettes, there is an opportunity to accentuate the contour, especially when lightly blending.

Dusty Rose is one of the most popular shades among cool pinks. It is very popular with many women, as it looks simply gorgeous on the lips. This colour is fashionable, so it is available in the palette of almost every master. The shade can be safely attributed to the group of universal. It looks perfect on both full and thinner lips.

This shade is a win-win option for lip tattooing for blondes, but it can also suit shades, especially if the woman’s skin is not naturally too pale.

Trendy is a marvellous dusty rose and other equally attractive options. We discuss neutral pink with a slight reddish tinge, dark pink, and the original plum shade. As a rule, the saturation level of the latter is medium, thanks to which the tattoo is not too flashy and ridiculous.


It is unlikely that the sensual red range of colours for lip tattooing will ever cease to be popular. Permanent makeup in such colours is becoming the choice of many women of different ages. The red palette of saturated and feminine colours consists of such spectacular shades:

  • red with a dark hue;
  • pure red;
  • bloody;
  • strawberry;
  • terracotta.

Also, many women like the luxurious shades of red wine and poppy. These are pretty deep and multifaceted tones that are hard to ignore. They look incredibly harmonious and stylish in a warm spring or hot summer.

It is worth noting that red shades of lip tattoos are suitable for women with different skin tones. For example, the noble dark red will be an excellent solution for ladies with delicate olive or pale skin. It is not difficult to find a perfectly suitable shade.


TrendyTrendy and relevant is a light and attractive coral range of colours. It suits many women, looks aesthetically pleasing and is very neat. In such a top palette, the most popular and often chosen are soft coral and light orange shades. With them, women’s images begin to play with completely different colours.

All coral shades, suitable for beautiful permanent, are also divided into such subspecies:

  • soft;
  • carrot;
  • salmon.

Such tones look especially good on women who own blonde hair of bright sunny shades.


No less attractive and harmonious are nude shades of lip tattooing. Such pigments are also available in the arsenal of most of the current masters. The considered shades are beautiful because they are more natural. That is why women of all ages and appearances choose to tattoo in such colours. Nude tattooing is also good because it can always be complemented with decorative cosmetics to give the image a brighter look.

The naturally attractive and unobtrusive colours represent a natural nude palette:

  • peach;
  • light beige;
  • flesh colour;
  • beige;
  • caramel;
  • light brown;
  • soft pink.

The listed nude shades are in great demand as they give a more natural look to the lips. You can use a liner to make sure you don’t make a mistake in choosing a particular colour from this category.

Do I consider the natural shade?

Many fashionistas who have decided to resort to beautiful lip tattooing are interested in whether to consider the natural shade when choosing a specific range. According to most experienced masters of permanent makeup, this parameter must be necessary. And a vital role is not absolutely the entire surface of the skin of the lips, but only the area of the kayemoki. The paler their shade, the wider will be the different colour schemes for an effective tattoo.

And it is also advisable to pay attention to the colour of the inner surface of the lips (meaning the mucous membrane). If it has a lilac or bluish shade, there may be specific problems with introducing the selected pigment. This is because as soon as the colouring component penetrates the skin, it acquires a more relaxed tone. This effect can be noticeably enhanced on lips with a natural lilac undertone.

Warmer and more delicate colour tones are recommended for complete colouring. Cold shades will give women’s lips more volume.

It should be noted that pigments of cold orientation are most appropriate for women with a complex skin colour type.

How do you get it right?

It would be best to choose the right shade for lip tattooing carefully and thoughtfully. It would be best not to rush because you can seriously damage your appearance.

When choosing a particular shade for a lip tattoo, first of all, you need to determine your skin tone.

  • It would be best to look closely at your wrists’ veins.
  • If the colours are blue, it is recommended to prioritize cool pink shades. Wear warmer yellowish shades for a tattoo that pops if you notice a hint of green in your veins. Any colour can be used if the veins are a mix of blue and green.
  • Choosing a specific colour for lip tattooing, it is essential to consider the harmony of the combination of different colours. For example, neutral and calm beige shades are very well combined with warm colours, and pink hues are effectively combined with blue or violet.
  • You can resort to the simplest method of trial and error. It is worth experimenting with different lipsticks. It is advisable to think carefully about which best suits your skin. It is worth choosing lipstick shades more carefully.

These are the most straightforward and accessible tests for narrowing down the range of colours to find “your” option.

Eye and hair colour plays an essential role in choosing the right shade. Let’s consider what colours are more suitable for blondes and brunettes.

Light-haired women will suit more excellent colour palettes. Blondes, whose hair shows bright sunny and golden shades, to a face caramel, tea and coral pigments.
If lip tattooing decides to make a brunette, it is advisable to prefer warmer and more saturated tones.
Blondes are poorly suited colour schemes explicitly designed for dark-haired fashionistas and vice versa. However, we can not ignore that everything is strictly individual, so there may be exceptions to the rules.
Different hair stones can affect the choice of a specific palette of suitable colours for lip tattooing. This should not be forgotten.

The choice of a particular shade of colour for la ip tattoo also depends on the woman’s age. Over the years, there have been corresponding changes in the skin of the lips. It becomes more fragile and thinning. The vessels of more mature skin are much closer than young skin. In application, one pigment is more relaxed because of this. For mature skin, it is best to choose warmer tones.

For women aged 30 and above, the fashionable ombré tattoo is ideal. It harmoniously combines with a formal wardrobe.

Choosing to favour a particular colour for a la ip ta tattoo is recommended based on the colour type of appearance. There are two main colour types:

Winter, summer – cold colours are suitable for them;
Autumn spring – warm shades are suitable.

The colour type, winter and summer, includes owners of dark eyes and hair. They can be brunettes or ashy blondes with l, beautiful olive skin tones. This type contains women with russet and dark hair, as well as such colours of the iris of the eyes: grey, green, brown, grey-brown. The considered colour type is recommended to give preference to more fabulous shades: pink, cherry, and purple. Matte variants are also suitable.

To the type of spring, autumn includesincludesshaken and the owners of spectacular red hair. Their skin is lighter and thinner, and their eyes are often blue, green or light.

Using competently selected warm shades will effectively emphasise the beautiful lips of the autumn-spring colour type. In this case, the ideal solution will be aesthetic shades: flesh-coloured, salmon, beige, and each.

Very responsibly should be approached with tintchoosesuitable pigments because the selected colour will hold for a long time. It often happens that overly bright and saturated gamma very quickly bored, and to cover them with any cosmetic means is extremely difficult. Everything will have to pick up clearly in tone with the lips.

Once the lips are fully healed and the characteristic crusts are gone after tattooing, it will be possible to appreciate the chosen colour’s beauty fully. If there is a colour deformation, it will be necessary to repeat the cosmetic procedure. Most often, such events occur for several reasons:

the use of low-quality cheap materials during the cosmetic process
the work of an inexperienced master, the intense introduction of the selected pigment;
incorrectly chosen a shade for tattooing.

When choosing the ideal colour, a woman should be guided by her appearance type, face shape, and saturation of the hair shade. An experienced master can help in selecting the colour. High-quality results can last up to 3 years. At the same time, such permanent lip tattoo can be corrected before it becomes wholly faded and barely noticeable.

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