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Great Ocean Road Tour

Australia is a treasure chest of captivating landscapes, with the Great Ocean Road being one of its crowning jewels. Commencing from the bustling city of Melbourne, this iconic route offers an incredible fusion of stunning views, wild koalas, pristine beaches, and the ancient rainforest. In the guise of a descriptive tour, this article guides you in embracing and cherishing your Melbourne tour down the picturesque Great Ocean Road.

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Unveiling the Charm of the Great Ocean Road

Prepare to be amazed by the breathtaking beauty of the Great Ocean Road, a jaw-dropping stretch of paradise that spans a mind-boggling 243 kilometres along the stunning coastline. This splendid route is a harmonious blend of sun-kissed beaches, majestic cliffs, lush rainforests, enticing seaside towns, and captivating Australian wildlife. The road’s history is as compelling as its sights, constructed by soldiers returning from World War I in honour of their fallen comrades.

Melbourne: The Gateway to Your Adventure

Melbourne, renowned for its thriving arts culture and top-tier dining, is the springboard to your Great Ocean Road adventure. Having absorbed the city’s eclectic vibes, you can hit the coastal drive and brace for many unforgettable experiences the route has in store.

Highlights of the Great Ocean Road Tour

Starting your coastal drive from Melbourne, you’re poised to encounter a myriad of iconic sites:

Bells Beach, a part of the surf coast, lures surfers worldwide to its famous beaches and hosts the renowned Rip Curl Pro Surfing competition. Even if surfing doesn’t appeal to you, the coastal views alone are well worth the visit.

In the picturesque towns of Lorne and Apollo Bay, visitors can enjoy a stroll, explore quaint local shops, and relish the region’s fresh, locally sourced seafood.

The Twelve Apostles, impressive limestone formations jutting out from the Southern Ocean, stand as a grand spectacle along the route. The Apostles at sunset offer an awe-inspiring sight bound to leave a lasting impression.

Loch Ard Gorge, named after a ship that tragically foundered here in the 19th century, proffers visitors panoramic views and a moving history lesson.

The London Bridge has been renamed the London Arch after a section tragically collapsed in 1990. Still, it is an impressive reminder of the ocean’s ceaseless and powerful erosive forces.

A Dive into Nature: Flora and Faiva along the Route

The Great Ocean Road is a veritable haven for wildlife enthusiasts, and visitors are often delighted by wild koalas at Kennett River and Aussie animals in the Great Otway National Park. Furthermore, whale watching off Logan’s Beach provides an unparalleled chance to observe these majestic creatures in their natural habitat.

Engaging in Adventure Activities along the Coastal Drive

The Great Ocean Road offers no shortage of thrills for adrenaline seekers. From surfing on the world-class waves of its pristine beaches to zip-lining through the Otway Ranges, there’s an adventure at every turn.

Sampling Local Culinary Delights in the Country Town

No journey can be considered complete without experiencing the region’s culinary offerings. Numerous cafes and restaurants dot the route, serving Australia’s finest seafood, gourmet cheeses, and award-winning wines.

The Ideal Time to Embark on This Wonderful Trip

Though the Great Ocean Road is a year-round attraction, spring (September to November) offers the best weather conditions. This period also sees the region’s wildflowers in full bloom, further enhancing the scenic beauty of the route.

The Ideal Time to Embark on This Wonderful Trip

Though the Great Ocean Road is a year-round attraction, spring (September to November) offers the best weather conditions. This period also sees the region’s wildflowers in full bloom, further enhancing the scenic beauty of the route.

Weighing Guided Tours vs. Self-Driving

While guided tours offer a streamlined experience with the added benefit of a knowledgeable guide, self-driving allows you to explore at your own pace. Evaluate your comfort level and preferences before settling on your mode of travel.

Planning your Accommodation

With options ranging from luxury resorts to cozy bed and breakfasts, finding the suitable accommodation to suit your preferences and budget shouldn’t pose a challenge. To ensure you secure your ideal lodging, early booking is highly recommended.

Essential Tips for a Safe and Enjoyable Journey

Don’t forget to pack essentials like sun protection, comfortable shoes, and binoculars for wildlife spotting. Always remember to respect nature and ensure you leave no trace behind to aid the protection of flora and fauna.

A Memorable Experience for the Keepsake

The Great Ocean Road isn’t merely a route; it’s an experience, a treasure trove of moments that will nestle in your memory long after the journey concludes.


Whether your objective is a road trip filled with adventure, tranquillity, or natural beauty, the Great Ocean Road delivers it all. Commencing from Melbourne, your journey will unfold like an enchanting dream, gifting you a collection of unforgettable memories. So strap in, set your sights on the horizon, and get ready to discover the world-class wonders that await you along the Great Ocean Road.


The drive can take 9-10 hours without stops. However, to fully appreciate the sights, a two-day trip is recommended.

No, there are no charges for driving on the Great Ocean Road.

Sunrise or sunset offers the most dramatic views and perfect lighting for photography.
Yes, fuel can be purchased in the major towns along the route
Yes, the route offers numerous family-friendly activities.
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